Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Does Your Business Have A Personality Type

Every individual has a personality, but did you know your business has a personality as well? Your business personality will take on the characteristics of your personality, or sometimes it will reflect the whole make up of your team.

Often, just like your own personality, your business personality will have different facets. There may be times when things are playful and casual, and other times it will be more formal and serious. You have to decide which approach is most appropriate depending upon the different situations that arise in your business.

For example, in marketing, you can have a lot of fun being playful in your marketing sequences, or your emails can have graphics and be a little more casual. You should be having fun in your marketing and in your business as well. But, other times there will be more complex topics such as numbers and measuring, split-testing, and those types of things. These topics require a more serious approach simply by the nature of the topic. (Although you can have fun with numbers... contrary to popular opinion).

Areas that might dictate your business personality are your niche or the target market you're working with. Some topics will require different personality facets based on the topic you're working on or the particular client you're working with.

Even if you tend to be more casual in your business, there will be certain situations when you'll be required to be more serious, depending on the audience you might be talking to.

What's really important here is that you are you and that you work within your personality and do what's comfortable for you. Don't try to be somebody else or to let somebody else convince you that you should "be" a certain way in your business.

You'll have the most success when you are just you and when you let people see who you are, what you're about and take off (or never put up) the mask so many business owners and entrepreneurs try to hide behind.

Your outcomes are affected directly by the personality you present, as well as the personality your business takes on in those different situations. You have to be aware of your client's needs and the particular situation when deciding which facet of your business personality you want to show at that time. This will affect how your clients view you and your business.

So, think about your personality, your business personality, and how those components affect the way you operate your business, because your business outcomes, your results, will certainly be affected.

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